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November 04, 2005


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Quite the exhaustive and intriguing list; It's like New Year's Day for a college football fan... not that I'm proud of it.


Good list. Here are a few more. If only I could figure out how to post hyperlinks in the comments.

Cogent and Level3 have reached an agreement (http://www.crn.com/sections/breakingnews/dailyarchives.jhtml?articleId=172901642) in their peering contract dispute.

On Halloween, the MPAA silently introduced (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/11/02/analog_hole/) draft legislation meant to plug the "analog hole" by requring any device capable of analog-to-digital conversion of video to support and enforce DRM.

The video iPod fuels downloads of a million videos in 20 days. (http://www.kfmb.com/features/consumer_alert/story.php?id=27636).

The Supreme Court denies Microsoft's cert petition in its case against Eolas. (http://patentlaw.typepad.com/patent/2005/10/eolas_v_microso.html)


Joe Miller

How about the Supreme Court's cert grant in the Metabolite case, the opinion in which may well have a significant effect on the patentability of computer-implemented process inventions? Dennis Crouch talks about the case at the Patently-O Blog (http://patentlaw.typepad.com/patent/2005/10/labcorp_v_metab_1.html).


Also, Congress failed to pass legislation which would have exempted the Internet from its public communications rules (HR 1606).

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