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November 23, 2005


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The "bare branches" theme is interesting. I think this is one reason most societies have frowned upon polygamy. It tends to allow high status males to aggrandize to themselves desirable women, but creates social instability by creating a large cadre of unmarried and rootless men.


honor killings are a depressing reality????

no, they are an abomination.

i assume that you dismiss them as being merely "depressing," because that is the only way to equate the minor indignities you may suffer as a woman in a patriarchal hegemony like george bush's united states with real suffering and outrageous practices among the barbarian societies of the middle east?

Helen Travis

"The consequences can be lethal. Perhaps the act is tortious. But making love with a partner who refuses to share his HIV-positive status is not violence."

The definition of violence here does seem broad, but I would agree with Nussbaum here. Deliberately withholding one's HIV status in order to have unprotected sex is an enormous violation of anyone's right to safe sex. Here, it is just another way to chip away at a woman's sense of self and security. Besides, the fact that it may directly cause physical harm confirms to me that this is physical abuse as well, which suggests violence anyway.

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