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December 09, 2005


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Haven't political scientists produced research on these questions for the past 40 years? It's pathetic that the Chicago project is treated as some kind of novel research. For goodness sakes, the political science journals are now available on electronic databases....


I was unable to make the pop-up windows functional on all browsers, so I have fallen back on a simpler design. My aim, as before, has been to tighten connections between comments and the posts to which they pertain, and to provide a clearer path of navigation through the posts themselves.


Certainly it’s true that authors have an interest in more than just selling their work, and marketing it is one of these interests. But whether this interest should be considered a part of the scope of privileges conferred by copyright seems contestable. The implication seems to be that copyright confers on authors a right to market their work to the public exclusively in the way they choose, and that individuals who interfere with that marketing strategy are infringing.

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