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May 17, 2006


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M Sew Hoy

Professor Picker,

For future reference, ESPN Soccernet's "Gamecast" coverage is much better than BBC's live text feed. They're both similar, but Gamecast has a few more features that give it the advantage (like a graphic of the field where shots have been taken, goals scored, etc). Gamecast also covers more games than the BBC.

Randy Picker

Hello, Mr. Sew Hoy (and condolences on the Arsenal loss).

The BBC version had text commentary from a bunch of former Arsenal players. Anything like that on Gamecast?

M Sew Hoy

Ah, Gamecast does not have that feature. However, I've used the BBC live text feature many times before, and for most other games, perhaps all other games, it does not have commentary from actual players.

I actually watched the game at a rather pro-Arsenal place right near the courthouse, so I didn't check BBC that day. I suppose I should have.

Incidentally, a media company in Brazil has bought the rights to stream all the World Cup games online to "subscribers." I'm not sure if they're able to restrict content to only users in Brazil (sort of like how the BBC restrict live audio commentary of matches to computers in Britain).


Alan, school teacher

I'm looking forward to the final of the world cup and bet that Spain will be there.

Joan A. Conway

Do European's do it better than American's do it in regards to football?

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