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June 04, 2006


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Rick W. White

Subject: A serious matter that concerns real life USA public ethics, & ultimately, US PR!
Hello Public ethics & law Students,
It’s been 17 long years since I was bankrupted under color of law!
I was jailed twice (the second time for 9 days!), but I was never charged with anything!
My crime? My home was featured on the front page of the Daily Californian newspaper under the complementary headline “The Working Man’s Castle”.
Cary Stewart, PE, of the City of Santee, (who I had never met), saw that color newspaper picture, & decided that I must be a crook!
As the Santee City PE, he wrote a formal complaint to the State Labor Commissioner, & in response, the State of Cal. Labor Commissioner, ordered all of my workmen to appear before him, (on my time!), where they displayed their paycheck stubs, and signed statements regarding their pay!
The State Labor Commissioner found that my company was paying fairly, & signed a full release!
However, (ignoring the State Labor Commissioner’s official finding), the City of Santee subsequently found my company in “In default”, which prevented my public works contracting company from bidding any public works projects for a period of three years! Of course, I went broke!
I wrote letters to the state and federal prosecutors, all to no avail!
A general engineering contractor, I demanded arbitration, only see the State Contractor Arbitration Broad sued by the City of Santee on the grounds that ‘the State Arbitration Broad didn’t have the authority to hear a matter’ that the Board was specifically empowered to hear by law! When Santee sued the State Board, the Board dropped the matter!
Even worse, in every single legal action that I undertook, (as in my complaint to the State Contractor Arbitration Broad), the taxpayers of the City of Santee were being billed $300 an hour to defend the City, by its in-house husband/wife law firm!
In a clenched teeth response, I’ve published a “good” (suitable for the classroom) stage drama regarding the actual drama of my life, (free to anyone!) & I’ve written a white-knuckle contemporary adventure novel wherein I use the name Cary Stewart, as the name of the villain character in the novel, in which I have incorporated a chapter “About the Novel Villain Cary Stewart”, wherein I have incorporated precise copies of those complaint letters to the government prosecutors that I sent 17 years ago! (I’ve sent my book to the Cal State governor and to the US President, but the delivery was refused!)

Readers of this contemporary adventure novel, focusing on an American Biblical archeological expedition, will be exposed to evidence that the characters of the book actually started the 6day war! Every detail in this white-knuckle Christian adventure novel, every minuet detail of Biblical archeology reported on, every Egyptian custom reported on, details of American tank operation, and the details of the six day war, are accurate in every detail.
The novel is a timely addition to any college ethics discussion, as I’ve used precise copies of my several complaint letters to the several government criminal prosecutors, (within the novel section “About the novel villain Cary Stewart)!”
I’ve wrote: ‘If any Newspaper will contemplate serializing my novel (all except the very last action scene), (for zero cost), I will send to your office a free book for eventual placement in any school library, & I’ll send to your office an electronic copy for your inspection or for later use in serialization!’
Of interest, I have committed all of my “Authors Rights” to the American Red Cross for hurricane relief and earth quake relief! (I have a bite from a big house publishing company, & I have a bite from a company for 50% of my screen play rights!)
I have disclosed several of my “patentable concepts” for free to the public (I have email-transmittable shop drawing!), gratis shop drawing), as in my high-way) wild life crossings, (2 styles) one of them "over head", to be used by wildlife or human foot traffic, (& one grated open topped at ground level structure), & my traffic actuated wild life warning whistles, my concept for floating airport run-ways, (of concrete encased 50' squares of household trash), or my concept for connecting trolley systems to regional shopping centers, via free cost "ski chair lifts" for trolley passengers, or my concept to profitably employ homeless people to sort household trash from gravity powered conveyor belts into bins for recyclers, & my concept for an easy to install, (easy 2 build circular fish-ladder! Build like a circular stair with pockets of non-moving water @ each stair tread!
Water people will be interested in my free concept to install "gravity fed" (large) rubber pipes within existing creek beds & into existing river beds where they will be joined into even large pipes, & out into the ocean, where the pressurized rubber pipes will terminate @ existing cities!
Traffic engineers should peruse my "angled
Bridge abatements concept" (That will steer wayward traffic "Up onto the bridge which abatement is supporting!)
That may save lives now!
Or, my SPBWF, that will treat waste within waste water flows, without the use of any chemicals, relying upon “free floating bacteria that will voluntarily affix itself to rock pebbles or gravel, where waste is run through said rock material, attaining prefect water purity!
Or, my (free to the public) & environmentally friendly biological water filtration method, that depends on bacteria to break down (microbial degradation) harmful organic wastes. No chemicals will ever be needed! In urban areas, focused sunlight will incinerate the hydro-carbon wastes off within chambers (that trap said hydro-carbon wastes), beneath said focused sun light! Said sunlight may be introduced via magnifying glasses, within curved mirrored glass tubes!
Or my public disclosure of (non-to-be-patented!), method of building hurricane proof structures, with-out any wood lumber!
Or, my previously patented method, (the necessary 5 year patent renewal fee was not paid!), of building “high-rise” structure foundations, while simultaneously “integrating” the structural “shoring” to hold back the excavation walls!
Or my “No-false-work” for building (most highway bridges method (the false-work are the stout poles that are normally positioned beneath the structural bridge concrete while it hardens!), without employing any false-work what so ever! The method may be used over water!
The kids found me a room that my SS disability can pay 4! (SS disability? I got whacked on Friday the 13th, 2001, & I got my right leg cut off, my right arm cut off, & the top of skull cut off testing the Firecat!)
My room is only a few blocks from the Starbucks @ East Main & Magnolia Avenues (in El Cajon) & I’ve been walking over there every morning after breakfast @ 8AM, so, if you get up early, & would like 2 say “Hi”, my Starbucks credit card is always full 2 buy you a cup of coffee! (I usually stay until 10:00AM! (2 cups worth!)) On Saturdays, my son takes me to Mass, & we arrive back at that Starbucks @ 9:20 AM!


That was a great listen. Thanks for sharing that.

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