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October 06, 2006


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"Libertarian paternalism" is not an oxymoron, it simply doesn't exist. Just because you give a name to some ideology, doesn't mean that name describes it. "Moderate paternalism" would be a better moniker for this philosophy. Any libertarian who aligns himself to the idea of paternalism, is not a libertarian, no matter what he calls himself.

Democrats don't call their philosophy "Free Social Republicans", and Republicans don't call themselves "Free Market Democrats." A Libertarian would not ever call himself a "Paternal Libertarian." That's like calling himself a "Paternal Non-Paternal." What foolishness.

Joe Eboh

I think Bob is a Theoretical Libertarian or Utopian Libertarian. Luckily, these strands of libertarianism have a rate of support in America approaching zero.

Willfully blind.

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