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January 08, 2007


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to much to read!


Title IX has been reported by the Womens Sports Foundation as a leveling of the playing field for female athletes. They say that as new teams and opportunities open for girls, the men's teams are not suffering. This is quite dishonest and far from the truth. Yes girls need to have the same opportunities as boys but the price for this was devastating. Why does the Sports Foundation lie about it.
In one year alone 21000 men were cut from wrestling teams and many other sports for boys were cut. Girls were allowed to join men's teams;the reverse is not true. Title IX says that the genders are to be treated equally.
In reality a double standard exists. Women are using it only to their advantage and there are web sites set up showing girls how to contact their legislators to get what they want. How to play the victim.
This is even seen in locker room media reporting where male players are made to dress and shower in front of women reporters. Strict interpretation of Title IX says that women must do the same. But no way; the reporters are locked into the interview room. I can't wait for the male counterpart to Lisa Olsen to burst into the WNBA locker room and sue the league for equal access. Basically Title IX is a joke.

Joan A. Conway

I'd like to read this blog, but I can't see it until I post a note. The inner team has got the problem back. Just when I thought it was safe to jump in.

Joan A. Conway

We all have come a long way in sex equality, but some of these 51% minorities make demands that are a lot like a two-year old crying for vanilla ice cream after being served butter pecan ice cream.

Unreasonable, but-for a toddler's acquired taste for pecans.

I agree with your assessment of the federal agenda in part and strongly disagree with it in part as well. But then I am not physically competitive with men.

If I was 5'11" I might be!

Anytime you have to rely in the rule of law over the rule of might you inherently know the odds are against you that everyone will obey the rule of law.

Just notice how many foot prints are left in our concrete sidewalks.

In a self-assessment of my blogging addiction, I must leave to do a Motion to Modify or Rescind for FRAP 38 sanctions.

larry the hottie

i think male sports are goddly and the only sport women should have is softball

alice vanderbelt

McCain does not support girls or women (title ix). How many mothers, fathers of daughters, and girls are going to tolerate such an antiquated idea in the 21st century.
are we really going backwards?
Com'on American get out there and take up for the girls.... the future women of tomorrow; they deserve equal opportunity!!!!

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