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March 14, 2007


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Joan A. Conway

The establishment of religious thought might be charity for tenants living in the St. Elsewhere Woman's Residence who are suffering from maladies, like MS, Cancer, and Psychotic Mental Illness, to the point of being their nurse, maid, and attendant just to receive the same subsidize housing benefits at the Residence. The Residence of course is negligent in owning up to the human activities associated with the renting of a room at the facility, or the fact that the facility is being used for the infirm, including 1st time offenders, who got pregnant without a husband or the means to handle their condition, not only the fact that the potential resident qualifies for it with economic criteria, and not non-economic criteria associated with being a multi-offender of unwanted babies, or being insane, or being diagnosed with an incurable disease. Perhaps the person is just a senior and poor!

The likelihood of this person developing an incurable disease is certain more certain than she would be to have a baby, in the figurative sense perhaps she still could have an immaculate conception!

Ha-ha! A bit of the stain glass window here humor!

And how discovered the stain glass windows anyway and why are they traditionally used in Catholic Facilities?

Is this the Oliver Stone Conspiracy solution?

I am on a roll here, so I must cut-out for the rainy day.

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