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July 31, 2007


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Bill Levinson

I just called the Obama campaign and told them I don't do dinner with people who consort with and endorse racists and anti-Semites like Al Sharpton. (There is a picture of Obama arm in arm with Sharpton at Sharpton's National Action Network.) Nor do I do dinner with genocide enablers, noting James Taranto's Wall Street Journal column that said even preventing genocide is not a reason for American troops to remain in Iraq.

I also doubt that Obama hears the "lucky" $5-25 donors who win his lottery as well as he hears the Soros family's $60,000, or the $1000 a head fundraiser hosted by former Knicks player Allan Houston. Houston and a teammate effectively called Jews "Christ Killers," and I mean to make sure that Jewish voters hear THAT as loudly as possible before the elections.

If you want to know what Sharpton is, Google on "Freddy's Fashion Mart" for just one example.


This is certainly a clever idea. I think of it by turning it around: a candidate SHOULD sit down to a quiet dinner with "everyday folk" occasionally. Indeed, I think every politician or political candidate would do well to dedicate one evening a month to such an exercise. But how to choose the dinner partners? What if you chose a raging maniac who hates you, or somebody who just doesn't give a damn? I'd think that the first criterion for shrinking the pool would be to choose donors, regardless of the amount of their donation. Then narrow it down from there, using additional factors: education, age, income, and so forth.


This lottery scheme of Obama's is illegal.

Look at the federal statue.


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