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March 11, 2008


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Vandana Singh

Very interesting, timely and relevant debate, looking forward to more posts on this issue.

I agree that law (criminal,?) will have to play increasingly significant role in the virtual worlds in coming time. And the role of researchers in online communities and law is to explore what is needed, what will work and what the nature of the law should be. And all this needs to be done before blanket laws can be made to cover relevant issues.

An observation on both of your comments, though you mention other online communities (like the social networking and others), both of you repetitively are referring to "gamers" or "game moderators", are you totally ignoring other online communities like support groups (medical, social, technical), advisory groups, online education communities, communities of practice, Commercial communities (for the lack of better word - like EBAY etc?? If not, then don't you think that the application of law will be very important and distinct in all these instances, so the danger is not just the "deletion of profile" or "sabotaging the image of a person" or "disrupting a community" but also possibly giving wrong advice, conning people into believing something untrue, emotional damage in Virtual Environment, etc.

I am complete outsider to law, not so much for work on online communities, so I might not be asking the right things, but I would certainly like to follow your debate!


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