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October 23, 2008


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It is not true that one must buy car insurance! Most, if not all, states provide for non-insurance ways of showing "proof of financial responsibility" and NH and WI don't even require that.

Another thing you can't really insure against is death. "Life" insurance cannot ever make the victim--especially a non-breeder--whole. A paid-up life insurance policy has a market value; too bad there's no practical way to sell your right to future Social Security and Medicare "benefits"!

Kimball Corson

In part, Bryan writes, "There has been no trouble in the marriage yet, but what if things go south?"

My thinking is worry too much about yourself and not enough about her is a great way to have the relationship go south. I know from personal experience and much observation.

Bryan Hart


Buying divorce insurance may reflect worrying about yourself too much in the sense that the benefits accrue to the buyer. On the other hand, it may reflect worrying too much about your partner (him or her) because the benefits are triggered by the other person's actions. The motivations would surely vary wildly among buyers.

On the relationship side, selfishness is definitely more prevalent, but complete selflessness is also a potential problem. Some sage advice from .38 Special is to "hold on loosely, but don't let go."

Carrie McMahon

A comment about a comment:
'Another thing you can't really insure against is death. "Life" insurance cannot ever make the victim--especially a non-breeder--whole.'

Wow! What a great way of putting it! I would never have thought oflife insurance in that way.

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