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April 01, 2010


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Have you tried PDF Annotator? Or PDF X-change? They both annotate PDFs, pretty well too!

Tsai-Fang Chen

A very good PDF annotator on Mac is SKIM. It is easy to use and free. However, the developers currently have no plan to write the version for iPad. It would be a killer app.


Papers. It's a Mac-only program. Essentially, iTunes for PDFs. Sort them, add them to multiple playlists, add comments (though not markups), rank them, etc.

My pdfs were lost and now they're found. It's that good.

Seth Oranburg

iAnnotate is the killer app. It lets me read AND ANNOTATE pdf files. It's quick, robust and elegant. I don't have to print anymore! I think it beats Papers and SKIM. Rock, paper, scissors - it's a different game without paper!

Also, I got the Calendar app (built-in) synced with my Google Calendar, which is also synced with my BlackBerry and my iCal app on my land-locked laptop. Currently it requires some special effort (see http://lifehacker.com/5509730/how-to-fix-the-ipads-google-calendar-sync-limitation) but it's fast and accessible when offline.

Plus you MUST SEE the WunderMap weather program. Cloud cover in Rio? Low temps in Maine? Precipitation in Beijing? The only depressing thing is getting accurate weather for Chicago.

FWIW, Apple's iPad mail program is pretty, but I wish I could add flags, stars, follow-ups...

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