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September 28, 2005


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Great idea, needs more Hutchinson!


As if I needed another distraction ... but I look forward to it.

Dale Gribble

wheres the rss link

Eh Nonymous

RSS link can be found by going to bloglines and inputting

Results are:




Eh Nonymous

I mean, /atom.xml

Mitchell Szczepanczyk

Nice idea, this "blog" you speak of. :-)

One question: Are there plans to include some women contributors to this blog?


I like what this stands for. It may also make me want to go to law school at the old alma mater...


It will be most interesting to read what you all decide to discuss. I'll be looking forward to next week.

Nick Hernandez

I think mass media has a much bigger impact on society than the legal profession at this time. I think blogging is a way for anyone to feel like the are an equal in the creation of culture. The legal profession may exercise tremendous social control, but as an organizational actor in the creation of healthy culture the legal profession has a long way to go. Is their a center point where organizational actors (media, law, religion, banking, universities) converge?


why use typepad?

I'm sure the university has some technology set up for this purpose.

In fact, they do:


what about epstein?


Great! Maybe now I can finally get Prof. Sunstein to respond to a blog post I did in which I criticized his claim that "the law clearly did not authorize federal judges to order [Terri] Schiavo’s feeding tube reinserted."

My post makes what I thought was a pretty convincing legal argument that the law clearly *did* allow it. I e-mailed the link to Prof. Sunstein and never got a response.


Good luck with the new site!



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