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November 03, 2005


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You can actually download to your machine and then have iTunes recognize the mp3 file just fine in its library. At that point, it's a slam dunk to sync it up to an iPod.

Randy Picker

Notwithstanding my view that this is exactly the right way to use the blog by making available (especially to our alums) more of the intellectual life of our Law School, I should note that I have a long list of things that I regard as superior to the prospect of listening to Doug and me at the gym or in the car. I would start with Aretha Franklin and can add to that if necessary.

Rob Hyndman

You can download any mp3 - including yours - using http or ftp and import it to your iPod via iTunes or any other iPod-friendly media app.

Just download the file, save it whereever you save your music, and then import the file same as you would any other mp3.

In iTunes, the command is File | Add File to Library ...


iTunes will only sync to iPods, per Apple's closed world of proprietary technologies. An mp3 file could theoretically be downloaded via iTunes to get it on the hard drive and then synced via the particular mp3 player's sync software. That said, many RSS readers (FeedDemon, e.g.) can subscribe to podcast RSS feeds, auto-download new files when they become available, and then automatically sync with an mp3 player or PDA. This will work for most mp3 players that AREN'T iPods. So, while iTunes should work for most, users of mp3 players would definitely prefer the creation of a simple RSS podcast feed too meet their needs as well. I'm a 1L and can help if needed. Thanks for working on this.


There is an RSS feed for this blog and for the podcasts - look on the left side of this page under 'About" and you'll see both links. You should be able to access our podcasts in multiple ways depending on your platform - through this feed, through iTunes (the link for which is currently being fixed, by the way), through drag-and-drop, save-as, or any number of other ways.

Thanks to everyone for dealing with our various growing pains. We're trying to get the content out to you shortly after the live event, and for a little while, our technical expertise may lag behind our enthusiasm!


It has been added to Odeo, too. http://www.odeo.com/channel/37482/view


It appears that the Podcast feed link is just an RSS version of the same RDF format of the regular feed--not one specific to podcasts as it would appear. Is that correct?


That is correct, although using the rss.xml feed in an podcatcher or iTunes should make it easy for that to pull out the audio content in a way that the blog feed doesn't. (or at least that's what they tell me!)


Okay, fair enough. It'd be great to have a podcast only feed, provided there will be sufficient content to make one worthwhile. I'd subscribe, for one. :)


Thanks. We'll see how the content shapes up over time. Until then, using a podcatcher/iTunes should make it easy for you to experience it as a podcast-only feed, even if it isn't!

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