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November 08, 2005


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Good...just add Lessig.

Probatio Viva

There is no need whatever for Prof. Lessig in next Monday's pickermob. The eye-poppingly great list of scholars is more than sufficient to generate engaging and insightful discussion.


Ahh...I didn't realize we were aiming just about "sufficient". When did Chicago's marketplace of ideas reach capacity? Or, is there some other reason Prof. Lessig should be excluded?

While he may have gone off the deep end on a few foolhardy crusades as of late, the good Professor has earned his invitation to any party where copyright and the Internet are to be discussed.

Randy Picker

As this seems to be a point of interest, Larry would obviously be welcome (one of my former colleagues here at Chicago, but of course welcome even without that); he is exceedingly busy, so I had not invited him, but did so in response to these comments. He confirmed that he just couldn't do the mob right now; perhaps some other time.

If you have others that you believe would be good additions, please let me know in the comments or via email. Thanks.

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