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December 31, 2005


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Mel Steffor

In order to prove 'Intelligent Design', first we have to throw the Catholic Church under the bus. Just get rid of them. Most of what the Pope says was made up by the Church by Constantine. The story about Jesus is very much like the story of Zeus? Don't get me wrong, God does exist. Now they couldn't even come up with an original story, they had to copy parts.
Another point is that you don't have to believe that life was created in whole form (suddenly appeared) or was created by small changes over the years to get into Heaven.
Point 2: If everything was created out of chaos, pure chance, why do we have a sense of right and wrong? If wrong works just as well as right, why do we have to be right? Or perfer right?
Point 3: If one leaf design works, why does each species of plants have its own unique leaf deisign? So humans can tell what plant it is? If so how do plants know about animals? Why should plants care about animals?

Dov Henis

Life Evolution Within Cosmic Evolution,
Design And Randomness

A. The Cosmic Drive and Purpose Behind
The Drive and Purpose Of Life

(From chapter III of "Life, Tomorrow's Comprehension" )

(1) Again, Earth Life Is A Real Virtual Affair; it pops in and out of existence from its matrix, which is the energy constrained in Earth's biosphere. The totality of life in Earth's biosphere (the outermost part of the planet's shell, including air, land, surface rocks and water, within which life occurs, and which biotic processes in turn alter or transform. Wikipedia.) is a temporary grand store of constrained energy, and all living organisms are elaborate temporary energy storage containers and all genes-genomes are "Life quanta" organisms, carriers of "Life photons".

(2) Singularity and D-Infinity (max expansion/ cosmic energy dilution) are the two cosmic stable states. Their in-between is a metastable state. This corresponds to commonsense observation: the denser the compacting goal of material the more energy is required, and vice versa the more thorough the disintegration of material the higher the amount of energy released. It seems that E=mC^2 is a specific case of the cosmic (and universal) process


where D is the Distance from Big Bang point and the sum is of all spatial values of D from D=0 to D=selected value.

[BTW, (Nov 9 2006), following Newton (1) gravity is decreased when mass is decreased and (2) acceleration of a body is given by dividing the force acting upon it by its mass. By plain common sense the combination of those two 'laws' may explain the accelerating cosmic expansion of galaxy clusters, based on the above E/ m/ D suggested relationship.]

(3) Life, and every and all objects and processes including natural laws, are - since their non-existence at singularity - products of evolution and are continuously further evolving. Everything in the cosmos is fractal, rehappens on many scales, and is continuously evolving. Each and every system in the universe continuously evolves within the total universal evolution and all the systems' evolutions are intertwined. Ergo (Big-Bang's) energy is the base element of everything in the universe and individual genes are the base elements of Life. Cosmic evolution is evolution of energy, and within it Life's evolution is the evolution of the genes/energy-quanta carriers.

(4) At the beginning was the energy singularity. At the end will be near zero mass and an infinite dispersion of the beginning energy. In-between, the universe undergoes continuous evolution, consisting of myriad energy-to-energy and energy-to-mass-to-energy transformations. The cosmos evolution process comprises, though, phenomena of forms of temporary energy storages, energy dispersion constraints. Examples of such temporary pockets are black holes of all sizes, and all forms of biospheres wherever they are.

The temporary constrained energy pockets are far-removed versions, up-fractionally evolved, scattered cosmic fragmants of singularity-akin energy storages. Energy stored in the temporary constrained energy pockets resists dispersion; we do not yet comprehend why. However, we do comprehend that we, all Earth life, are real virtual constrained energy pockets formed by Earth's biosphere energy store in the process of enhencing Earth's biosphere energy content and for resisting its dispersion by maintaining it bio as long as possible.

B. Life Evolution Within The Cosmic Evolution

All cosmic objects, processes and (natural) laws, not having been in existence at singularity, are products of evolution and are further evolving.

Life system(s) is a sub-system of energy. The evolution of Life(s) system(s) differs from the evolution of non-living system(s) in Design and Randomness.

Non-living systems evolve in accordance with laws that evolve during the systems' evolution, affected and selected randomly by the Ambience. This route of evolution, even if it 'enables' temporary diversions from the inavoidable final end state of the cosmos, has a fixed overall direction and a fixed end state.

Whereas Life system(s) evolve with Design, with the design and culture selected by the evolution of Life's prime organisms, the genes-genome, for surviving as long as possible, for lengthening as much as possible the period of constrainig their planet's biosphere energy, even if in a hopeless eventualy losing struggle to maintain their planet bio.

Dov Henis

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