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May 10, 2006


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Thorley Winston

Professor, do you have any sources for the numbers that you cite? I seem to recall that while the administration did think that much of the reconstruction cost could be paid for by the Iraqis (through oil revenue), that there really weren’t any official numbers put out as a cost estimate (much the same way there weren’t any number put out for the day that we would leave) because such things are neigh impossible to calculate with any meaningful degree of certitude.

I could however be wrong. If you have any links showing what the official estimates for Operation: Iraqi Freedom, I’m sure that they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Nilton Shenon cardoso Moreira

I find important that it has left of the American people starts to open the eyes and to enchergar the danger that the American president is today for the world, with its politics of phobia to the world! The American people created throughout the times through the media and propagandas the terrorism idea, however Brazilian we really believe a world without borders where all can go and come independent of the country where the other people live and its religion or color. I believe that the half academic has basic importance in spreading out the idea of not war in other countries!


Have the costs of climate disruption been factored into the comparison?

Kimball Corson

This conclusion is shocking.

Dawood Mamedoff

This war is the second expensive for U.S. after the World War II. Here I've tried to summarize all costs of the Iraq war for Americans:


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