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June 05, 2006


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I take it you would counsel Cuban emigres and their issue to not count on recovering their lost property when Mother Nature finally reclaims Fidel?

Eric Posner

If Fidel's demise leads to a transition to democracy, I expect a claims commission will be set up. This is what has happened in other countries, and this possibility provides the best hope for emigres. Even if U.S. courts were more open to the claims of emigres -- and in some conditions the latter can recover -- the courts are of limited value for emigres because U.S. courts cannot reach property in Cuba.


As if anyone in Cuba, or the USA, actually own property.

Property is rented (real estate taxes) to individuals by the government. While you are the renter, you are responsible for everything that happens on this property, but you must get permission from the government to build on it, or dispose of it in any other manner. Private property ownership has been dead for many years.

Besides, what jurisdiction do US courts have in Cuba anyway? Get real.


Ken Pangborn of Palm Harbor. Florida, shown here" http://www.aboutkenpangborn.com used fake credentials to go into Cuba as a "missionary" and steal a bride. His arranges "marriages" (slave labor) between Cuban women and old American men.

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