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June 08, 2006


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Law Student

"the real eye-popper was a $3.6 million fine for an orgy scene in an episode of Without a Trace (111 relevant stations at $32,500 a piece). (I haven’t seen the scene and would like to if it is online somewhere.)"


The Law Fairy

"I don’t know if the FCC has decided whether a topless woman will count as one incident or two."

Professor Picker, you made me laugh out loud at work.

Dean C. Rowan

"Thriller is my only contribution to the Jackson family coffers." What? No Beatles?

Randy Picker

Three comments, three replies:

(1) Thanks for the link to the Without a Trace episode. People should go to the link to assess the material.

(2) Content should be substantive, but funny is nice too.

(3) Yes, definitely Beatles, and I had forgotten Michael's interest there (though my Beatles purchases don't seem to have been much help to The Gloved One: I think he has posted his rights as security for a loan from Sony; fodder for Secured Transactions the next time I teach it).

Kimball Corson

At the moment of the boob barring, I had mental imagery of millions of mothers nationwide -- you know, those whose cars have the bumper stickers which read, "Caution. Baby on Board" -- diving to cover the eyes of their young children to shield them from this intrusive obscenity. So the price of a peek has gone up – not to the viewer, but to the provider. This is the market mechanism run amuck. If she had bared both boobs, should her fine have been doubled? Surely the aggregate sum raunchy male viewers would have paid for the “treat” would cover Janet’s new fine. Where is her support when she needs it? Don’t we have something better to do?

Kimball Corson

Or put another way, you mean to tell me that of the estimated 6,522,673,469 boobs on planet earth (world population = 6,522,673,469 so estimate =(6,522,673,469/2)x 2, we can't see even one on TV without a big fuss?


you know what,dont talk s... about the jackson family,they was 3-4 years old and prefomt on stage-the whole life-and made history Michael and Janet Jackson,so stop hatin,maybe your life is soso bad bad bad,Ugly, you are the lost souls have much fun in your life,,,Europe Germany

Louis Kessler

Well the flag burning amendment has passed Committee. So we are well on our way to rolling back the 1st amendment. Next up: A constitutional amendment that allows for penalties for criticizing the commander in cheif. Unpatriotic!!! Oy vey.

Am I mistaken that the gay marriage amendment and the flag buring amendments are the only instances in the History of the US Congress other than prohibition where it has been formally proposed that our constitutional rights be limited or rolled back?

Kimball Corson

But Louis, this is a God-fearing country, although we are scared of terrorists too as well as anyone who is different than us, so why not have the Constitutional amendments to protect us, just like we have our gated communities and homogeneous life styles. It keeps things in an order we understand.

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