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July 26, 2006


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Prof. Picker:

Your notion of people moving away from copy scarcity has a specific example from my life. I cancelled Netflix for this reason and currently subscribe to Blockbuster Online for one key feature: every month I get two coupons for "free" rentals at an actual Blockbuster store. If there is a movie with a long wait, I can use my coupon to pick up a copy at the store, the only downside being that I must return it within a week instead of keeping it as long as I want. However, it does not count against my total I can have out at any one time from the online store. The biggest downside to Blockbuster compared to Netflix is the selection, but my tastes tend to be more mainstream than ecclectic so it has worked out fine for me as I am not really all that interested in "film" but I really like "movies." Eliminating the issue of waiting for popular titles by having direct online distribution would streamline the process for me that much more.

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