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August 02, 2006


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William Simmons

I hope the Chinese eat all the dogs, which (except for chasing crims, sniffing baggage, and growing some fur) is all the dogs are good for, for how much longer I do not know.

Frederick Hamilton

Actually, in the inner portions of China they do eat the dogs. They eat anything that walks or moves. It becomes part of their diet. From first hand observance.

That animals are allowed to be sacrificed is minor compared to the way human rights are practiced in China. If only they treated human beings properly it just might "tickle down" to animals. Just a thought.


Is it irony to be sensitive about being called sensitive, or something else? LF, you wear your sensitivity, self-pity, sense of victimhood, and, gasp, youth, on your virtual sleeve. Not an insult, just an observation. And your defensiveness and sensitivity probably will subside with age, as youth does involve much unavoidable self-doubt. Adolescence extends well into the early 30s these days. Lord knows, I am a child. I'll last a while. You can't conceive of the pleasure in my smile.

Self-love is indeed the most important love of all, or should I say, "it is the greeeeaatest loooooovve of all." Even more than god love. In fact God love I've noticed tends to interfere wih self love.

"Little boy lost, he takes himself so seeeeriuosly"


"Ah, you fake just like a woman, yes, you do
You make love just like a woman, yes, you do
Then you ache just like a woman
But you break just like a little girl."

Kimball Corson

I should live so long.


179 comments, and nobody mentioned that there is no "test" for rabies? If there's any suspicion that you were bitten by a rabid animal, they have to give you a full series of fourteen painful injections in the stomach, and they can't wait and see if you contract the disease or not. Easier to kill the dogs.


LAK, when dogs suffer, they most certainly are aware of it. Ditto re: their owners who watched these crimes being perpetrated by the government.


I do realize this is an old threat, but I figure LAK is around will see this new comment, perhaps.

Is it bad form on this blog to comment on old posts? Must I stick to the most recent post?


This is an example of the proper way for humans to feel about dogs -- with compassion and respect:


(police department mourns accidental death of K-9 dog-partner)

Animal Chaplain


I saw a movie about the Dalai Lama yesterday (called 10 Questions - I highly recommend it!). He said something that really helps me deal with my feelings of exasperation and grief over how dogs and cats are treated in China. Despite the fact that 87,000 Tibetans were killed by the Chinese after its takeover, he still feels we need to interact with the Chinese, trade with them, understand them, and get to know them. He holds no anger or bad wishes for them (hard to believe). We need to share our values and our ethics with the Chinese people. We need to keep talking, keep blogging, keep sharing, everywhere we can. Word will reach China as it spreads here. Hopefully, we can make a difference that way - it is the only way. I know this sounds naive and idealistic, but I think he is right: A change of heart is more powerful than any weapon.

Do not give up with our important work. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

Chaplain Nancy Cronk

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