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October 11, 2006


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Ruth Calabria

Conservatives Will Stop Obama.

We’re Obama supporters, too! But we are sure they’ll find some way to stop him as Barack is against the war, a war the conservatives insist will go on. The way they stop him may be very very nasty. Read the details of what we think might happen on our website, down towards the last few paragraphs. If somebody can get our analysis to him, his strategists may be able to find a way around the conservatives’ death wish for him.

Good luck to us all,
Dr. and Mrs. Peter V. Calabria


Barack is the metapolitico. That he is a decent soul who's been baptized and reborn by the magical and transformative pixie dust of an illusion called hope is itself no small detail. Men of his stature often content themselves with their positions and prosperity and detach themselves from the quotidian struggles of the volk. Not Barack.

His academic, intellectual and religious fiber appears to have inspired his zeal but his manifest destiny appears ordained by the heart. It is one thing to wax humanitarian amidst the cushions of the ivory tower; it is quite another to embrace the collective sweat of the ordeal.

Every crowd to whom he speaks leaves impassioned; every hand he shakes leaves reassured; every face he confronts leaves smiling. Some men bring charm and warmth, but very few deliver promise. Barack Obama is one of them, that rare species like John and Martin and Abe who understand, coalesce and extract the better angels within us.

Nor am I disturbed by the personal, visceral struggles he will necessarily confront in the agora. His being an African American who is one step from crossing the threshold of the presidency sends the greater signal that his countrymen have at long last conquered the crucible of racism.

I would add, more speculatively, that his being a Muslim ought to send a greater signal to the ultra-pious forces that reject us that the western visage, in part, now reflects their own.


Ms. Conway

You really would respect Barack Obama more if he changes his name to what you would like it to be. You think there is a "christian name" and his is not? Hmm. I personally respect a person who retains their name, and identity living in a society with people like you. He obviously has the courage, strength, and confidence in self to be running for President of the United States. I'm deeply saddened that any American would prefer a dishonest president. But your comment above suggests that you would! One reason I think Barack Obama would make a great president is that he has a very strong character!


For the record, Julie, it was bingoron13 (not Joan Conway) who made the asinine comments about Sen. Obama's name.

Big D

Another fantastic and inspirational speech by Obama. Thanks to an almost one hour free air time by the media. So I guess now you know the dilemma faced by many muslims...I condemed but yet I cannot disowned my muslim brother.

How many of you whites feeling guilty after Obama's speech? Also, main problem of Americans is not race...its how they judge people by their words rather than by their actions. So if your are a real sucker for inspirational words...vote Obama. But if you want action....I am sure you will know what a woman who has been cheated by her husband can do. She will give you fire for the next 4 to 8 years...which is what America really needs.

Time to leave the past behind. Ironically Obama goes to a church and listens to a pastor from the past who will start up old wounds every know and then. I dun really know how anyone can look towards a new future from there. Obama must denounce what his community stands for in order to move towards the future. He cannot have it both ways...or else nothing really changes.

Religion & race are big issues today. It did not help America when Christian conservatives voted Bush in...and its going to be the same with Obama who uses religion & black slavery to reign in votes....can we pick a President without this baggage for once...?


He may not have changed his name but he did change his religion...this is itself a contradiction. And come on, lets move beyond the words. The leaders in my country cannot speak for nuts. They are arrogant and lets not even talk about their character or personality. But the country runs smoothly...in just a span of just 40 years we have accomplished so much. Our prosperity was not based on great speeches made by leaders. It was achieved by what we call 'lead by example', hard work and our can do spirit. We did not waste any time sitting down in front of the television to listen to great speeches. Maybe Americans can learn something from this.

Big D

And yes America "The Ball is in your court" as spoken by another Black Pastor to tell Americans to come out and denounce racism. Actually, he meant come out and vote Obama. As to why Obama is not quiting his church...the new sorry excuse from Obama, his supporters and many black pastors is that he will not run away from the problem because to solve the problem you must face it to try and change it. Well, Obama had 20 years to do so and he did nothing. Instead, he only decided to do something now because he had been caught with his pants down.

So, any of you who was formerly a supporter of OSAMA BIN LADIN, please go back to your fellowship and try to change OSAMA & GANG...let me know what comes out of it.

Karl Timbers


You have equated "Christian name" to "American name."

You can not be serious, can you?

America is a country of immigrants. In our great melting pot we have sir names representing nearly every country on the planet. Many of these names do not have a "Christian" origin.

Are you suggesting that someone with a Jewish sir name would not be American?

Oh, Obamas' name is not muslim. It is Kenyan.

And, since Obama was born here, in this country, he IS American and does not have to "prove it" to anyone.


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