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November 20, 2006


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Gordon Fraser

It's totally applicable to music, and probably films too. Musical styles come and go with fashion, and once it is popular many bands and musicians copy it. Think about the amount of musicians that sound like blink182, for example, or the essentially identical drumbeats that form UK Garage / 2 step. But the boundary between design and implementation is blurry. Fashion designers copy *styles* in the same way musicians do, they don't physically copy designs, do they?

Budget Babe

I'm inclined to side with the Piracy Paradox authors on this issue, but does anyone have a decent rebuttal for Susan Scafidi, law professor and author of counterfeitchic.com, who argues the so-called paradox is economic fiction? (see for example, http://www.counterfeitchic.com/2007/10/hail_to_the_chief.php)

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