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June 28, 2007


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Maybe I am missing something, but how is Kennedy's concurrence able to tell us what the law is? He wrote on behalf of himself only. It seems to me that the only binding "law" is the law created by the majority in the Court's opinion. Right?


E: There's no majority. There's four over here, four over there, and one kind of towards the middle. If the issue is one-dimensional, Kennedy's distinctions are the ones that determine the majority and thus the law. Neither gang of four is a majority, so Kennedy is a majority of one. If the judgements cannot be laid out in one dimension, Kennedy is still considered the majority of one because (I believe) most people are fairly innumerate and maintain a naive conviction that a majority always must exist.


General rule in American law is that when there's no majority reasoning (and there wasn't in this case) the result will stand on the narrowest reasoning available (usually Kennedy's as it was here).


But was there not a majority with regard to the Court's opinion in parts I, II, III-A, and III-C?


I suppose your response is that since it is a "fragmented Court" which decided the case and "no single rationale explain[s] the result," Marks v. United States, 430 U.S. 188, 193 (1977), Kennedy's narrower grounds may represent the holding of the Court.

Fair enough.


" ... the hardest part of Kennedy's opinion to come to grips with is his assertion that we can have it both ways - candid statements by elected officials about why they drew the school attendance zones where they did (racial balance) without incurring the harms that Kennedy attributes to individualistic classifications ..."

I agree that it is hard to grip, but that is because what Kennedy is endeavoring to handle is, at bottom, the philosophical problem of the one and the many.

The fundamentally dual aspect of "individual-in-community" refers to the human social context of the philosophical problem. The actual experience of individuals in community is probably the origin of all philosophy, not to mention law.

Accordingly, there is no doctrine about school district design that does not in fact "have it both ways" by saying something about the relative importance of individuals versus communities. Any doctrine that aims to be coherent will be required to abstract from this fundamental duality, either implicitly or explicity. It is up to the propounder(s) of such abstractions to say why they shaped them in the way they did: which side of the fundamental individual/community duality is to be promoted and which neglected or suppressed, and why.

Justice Kennedy's struggle with language to get it to bear witness to (what I take to be) his genuine fear that getting it wrong will exacerbate communal hostilities (that's what "corrosive discourse" refers to, I'm pretty sure)is far from dispositive of the general issue as it is felt throughout the country. I thought that the Court should continue its decades-long effort to acknowledge Brown as having said something important about how the nation might enhance the realization of its founding values by the manner in which it provides education to its diverse children.

Kennedy, like the other four on the side of striking down the local ordinances, got it wrong on this score. But I think his effort was far more noble and honest than the others' implicit denial that there is any problem that the mantra of "color-blind" will not address with complete adequacy.

Talk about empirical claims that lack rigorous testing!


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