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August 27, 2007


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I'd like to see postings organized by author somehow. E.g., when a user clicks on a faculty name under the "Bloggers" column, a window opens with links to that blogger's most recent postings.


I want a whole section devoted to Todd Henderson's arguments about why the rich should be richer and corporations should be given the legal means to make them so.


I want a "soundbyte" or blog quote of the day -- some marquee banner drawing my attention to pithy, thoughtful comments that I might otherwise miss.

dis gruntle

I would like the new interface to accomodate a library, or at least a space to study, since our law school fails to provide either.


More posts on legal issues of current interest, fewer on broad-brush social/political issues which tend to provoke comments that are long on personal opinion, short on technical substance. As a non-lawyer, I find the Balkin and Volokh blogs educational, this one "not so much". Which is especially disappointing for a "faculty blog" with such a prestious faculty.

- Charles

Joan A. Conway

It's like having a baby. Parents need to buy a crib, and baby stuff for the new born.

My youngest son, Tom, and his partner, just purchased, wholly-owned by the way, a manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China, and immediately his site changed to reflect his international presences with the familiar RedEye "pins" stabbing the globe.

What do we have to look forward to with the new website: I suggest the gray wallpaper needs to be brightened up a bit with the school's colors. Seriously, the law is colorable.

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