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August 04, 2007


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Leave it to mainstream economists to see a business opportunity out of ecological disaster.

Why is it again that we're more focused on harvesting new resources than, say, stopping global warming?


The fact that Canada and Russia are exerting claims to the Arctic in opposition to the USSA is music to my ears, since I can't wait to get the hell out from under Amerikan oppression. As an Amerikan, I have long recognized the USSA as the greatest threat to my personal liberty, extending from its denying me the right to buy a bottle of wine before 11 am on Sunday to its corrupting wars against drugs waged throughout the world.

More power to Canada and Russia. They must be much more interesting places to live than the USSA.

Tom Zeller

Last month CA announced a commitment of over $7 billion to build and operate a fleet in these waters.

From CA gov site

Currently, the Canadian Navy can patrol the coastal waters of Canada’s East and West Coasts, but it does not have the capability to effectively patrol all three oceans. The Navy can only operate in northern waters for a short period of time, and only when there is no ice.
To fill this capability gap, the Navy will acquire up to eight Polar Class 5 Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (A/OPSs). These multi-purpose, ice-capable offshore patrol ships will provide the flexibility for the Navy to operate in both the Arctic and offshore environments, allowing them to be used year-round in a variety of roles, including domestic surveillance, search and rescue and support to other government departments.
Armament: The ship must have gun armament to assert Canadian sovereignty.

JoAnnA B.

Anders, what is the USSA? Who's stopping you from moving to Russia? Or back to the Netherlands.

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