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September 24, 2007


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Frederick Hamilton

Mr. Reynolds,

I enjoyed your comments. I agree with you that the most vitriolic and divisive are the "elites" who know better than the common man what is best for the common man. They give no credit at all to a lifes worth of experience to the average person tells that average person what the "truth" really is. Lincoln was pretty much right on the mark with his observation about fooling some of the people some of the time........

Keep up the good work. And the overal public does have a big say in how the country goes, not the "experts". As Moynihan put forth, culture is more important than politics. If it were up to our experts, we would have had same sex marriage and free borders a long time ago. Three cheers for Joe Sixpack.

Joan A. Conway

In search of pure knowledge is 'awesome'!

Just try using the check spelling function on your computer and soon you realize that there is nothing like the human effort to edit a text as the 'final task' indicates.

I don't particularly like 'Joe Sixpack' deciding for me what is right anymore than I like the 'expert' approach either.

I suggest they are extremes, because it is highly likely the decision weighed depends on individual factors or the totality of circumstances, and not a conclusion is not easily drawn for this day in history.

At another time, the decision may be a simple yes or no! But today, we are voting with our pocket books.

In that case, Joe Sixpack wins over the experts, who perhaps see other shades of gray not considered.

Somedays I see the advantage of foregiveness clearly, and at other times I am blinded by personal resentment.

"On a clear day, I can see forever!"

Andy Freeman

> I don't particularly like 'Joe Sixpack' deciding for me what is right anymore than I like the 'expert' approach either.

One of the differences between the "elite" and "Joe Sixpack" is that the latter isn't as interested in deciding for you. (Yes, "joe" gets interested when you're spending his money, but that's good and you have alternatives.)

Joan A. Conway

This reminds me of the fact that my landlord skips on repairing the brick walks around the entrance of my building that lead to the side steps and to the garbage containers, while it tolerated some of its maintenance men to harass the tenants in the lobby of the building monthly, extortion business practices, that lead many tenants to move before their next lease. Maintaining tenants like maintaining the property are equally important, and neither were being done here. The maintenance men don't care about what someone else pays for their rent, since their rent is free. These men are from the "Joe Sixpack" demographics that you see as making decisions about spending his money, and that it is good, and that I have alternatives.

I see it has speding someone else's money, and that is not good, and this alternative is a guise for no alternative whatsoever.

Andy Freeman


If we're going to have dueling miscreants, I'll raise you William "doesn't everyone keep cash in the freezer" Jefferson.

My "as interested in deciding for you" refers to using the law to push behavior. Joe Sixpack is less likely to do so, and when he does get involved, it's often over dumb public spending.

For some reason, JS is more likely than elites to see tax money as "his".


For people who want to "to tackle all sorts of problems", firstly had to recognize what the problems are in this infor-society. As many scholars have pointed out, of course including Prof.Sustein and Prof.Reynolds,that the elites as the gate keeper to control the information or its flowing, it's getting very difficulties for most of other people to figure out what the truth really is, or just to get out of someone other's "world". So, it's necessary now for people to take care of the "brain in the vat" problem.

We are experiencing a time in which the infor-tech play a more essential role in the forming or changing of our way of thinking than others. It costs you lots of time and money to express yourself in the traditional way such as newspaper or TV.Maybe you will never have that chance to do that or will never success even you have spent lots of.But with a laptop and network you can do more than that. Especially after the web 2.0 tech have been promoted,you not only can express yourself, but can change the way the information forming and spreading, which in the past time have been mainly controlled by elites or "sorts of interests groups".

When people found they can do much more ,as the elite become more disconnected than past, the ordinary people will be disconnected either I think. Both of the elites and the ordinary people are involved and influenced by this infor-society. So, I will not expect it's "the potential of letting individuals self-organize to tackle all sorts of problems". Maybe the situation will become more complex. In the past, people are the recipient of information, but now they are themselves the creators. When each of people become an independent source or information "broadcaster",the self consciousness will become more stronger. Maybe that trend has not yet happen or not so much explicitly now,but I believe it will happen someday. And when that happen, it's not necessary for you to find the so-called "common shared value", each person himself/herself is a single value, not stand for some value.Then the agreement or consent between each other maybe the first choice for them to tackle the problems instead of "individuals self-organized". Because when what stated above happened, the agreement or consensus way is the best choice for people to fulfill their "single value" at the dispose of their "single value" by themselves.

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