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November 15, 2007


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I want to thank Prof. Mr. Craig Futterman and his students for compiling this extensive research regarding CPD. We need to use the material,get it out to the national media.It appears many local media members are protecting and hiding facts concerning police crime and core criminal elements of many chicagoland police dept.Does anyone believe we will ever bring police into mandatory random class 5 drug/alcohol screening.A majority of the 'bad' cops would be removed swiftly from the force.Again thanks

Toxic Reverend

The report titled "The Chicago Police Department’s Broken System," authored by
Craig Futterman has been moved on the server.
A simple Google search on
"Futterman Broken System"
will bring up multiple copies of that report.


The Toxic Reverend
An Environmental Technologist
Or just Google; "Toxic Reverend"
A blog is posted there titled;
"Taser Deaths and Roid a Cops -
Epidemic of Police Brutality & Steroid Abuse "
You might find the documentation there of interest.

Aaron Rester

Thanks for the heads-up, Toxic Reverend; we've now updated the link.

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