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December 10, 2007


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Again Kimball comes in making sense. I find it hard to argue with someone who uses logic. I admit my usage of the term faithful falls out of congruence with academic norms, but it is accurate in the sense of the self detemination of the people who elect to use it as I described it. that my "cultist friends" (code word for family) use that terminology along with many other west indians does make it authoritative in the sense that this group identifies iteself that way. to us, if one has no faith in scriptures, the central point of belief, then one cannot be faithful. I have to admit that by this criteria I often don't measure up, but I'm not here to self define but to acknowledge the others before me and their position in this. LAK, you made me laugh when you said you needed to speak with your friends who are "faithful" but reject scriptures. this is a funny thing to say to someone whose cultural background has clear definitions as to what this may or may not be, while what you said is considered a contradictory statement. I don't know much about the US, but I know a lot about Canada and the West Indies. Your inability, LAK, to see outside of your own cultural prejudices is a scary thing, especially for a "thinker". My quote of Einstein back there was meant to be a dig at your because of this. You lack the sophistication of most people on here in this thread.
arminius, I have to agree. the field of candidates in the states leaves me very worried. what passes for a conservative in the Republican party is laughable at best. Things are going to get worse before they get better. But please don't liken Obama to Carter, Carter was the last president who had been ok with the racial purity of neighbourhoods. Don't get me started on your country's worst president of the 20th century.

Kimball, I agree with you so far as to the current situation in many countries around the globe. I think the issue is much larger than Bush, but he does deserve blame. My largest concern is that despite who inherits the presidency (your media loves Clinton) none are capable of handling it without breaking a few eggs along the way. I think your next president is going to take GW's lead (it will be a dem for sure) and screw things up for generations to come. Whoever takes overwill put on a song and dance for the first few months to a year until everyone realizes its the same old story. then and only then will the viability of a third party seem mainstream in thought. after repubs and dems both screw it up who do you have to look to ?


Honestly, to talk about reason, science and the enlightenment as if it was a matter of culture and alone is absurd. It's not just the Western world for whom electricty flows. And it wan't through ignorant and patently false and anti-intellectual beliefs that brought you the material progress you so take for granted.

To talk of secularism or rejecting of beliefs that run counter to accepted scientific truth as some kind of fucntion of a particular culture is downright frightening. Believe it or not, there are absolute truths in the world that transcend culture or performance or any of it. And those truths, truths that brought you the computer you write at, the car you drive and the electricity you use, came from our secular country, the greatest country ever.

I've been all around this world. I've met people of all walks of life. It is no mistake religion goes hand in hand with poverty and poor education. I've seen it. I can love someone and respect their humanity and at the same time outright reject their religious beliefs.

I guess religion and wishy washy cultural relativism do serve a purpose for each other.

Save me Jebus. No no. Save me Martha Nussbaum.

Kimball Corson

Speaking of the next president, a few days ago, after the Iowa primary, Obama, publicly, and Bill Clinton, privately, said that if Hillary or Obama wins both Iowa and New Hamshire, that winner will get the nomination. Hillary is now falling apart in New Hamshire, the press reports and she is quite tearful about it. Current polls in the State show her double digets behind. We are likely to have Obama as our next president. That should be interesting.

Kimball Corsonk

Speaking of being guided by the ethers, when is Geof going to give us a post regarding Huckabee? Anything will do. Just slip a soapbox under us.


LAK you just graduated to the real world with the most cogent contribution to this thread thusly. Congrats. I'm a Canucklehead so I had to compliment you before I disagreed with you. but the term "faithfull" has very little to do with science or reason. It s a word in the english language of which there are many derivitives and the cultural context of how we use it is no lessened by your cry. You may disagree but no one has control over language it evolves along with its speakers over generations. If the West Indians make half as much inroads in the next 2 decades as we did in your popular culture in the last 2 decades expect the definition of faithfull and I noted to become even more widely accepted. As I understand your evangelicals already have (but not before us mind you). I know you are proud of your country and there are many great things Americans have accomplished in the last century, but your country is neither secular nor religious. your government is secular, your communities are whatever they want to be, as such labels like religious or secular will never cover enough people to be accurate. America is the great Melting Pot. It houses many peoples of differing positions and frames of mind. You are not quite as successful as the West Indies in assimilating foreign individuals but you will learn. Glad to see you using your god given mind.

Kimball, I have been paying attention and it does look like Obama is doing well so far. Not well enough to say he is a lock, but enough to say he has the momentum. Obama is a better pick for the Dems, cause the Repub's will use kid gloves on him just to avoid being accused of racism. That said, I really wish he was a conservative. I would prefer Americas first black president to have a lasting positive legacy. If you promise too much, people will inevitably be let down. I hope he has better ideas for governing in practise than he espouses on the trail. As for Huckabee now there is someone we can agree on, I have no idea why he is even given the time of day. He plainly panders to the religious, without substance behind it. He has done some truly stupid things while in a position of control. He is just not presidential material. In the last few months nearly every republican candidate has been a disappointment. McCain I like, and FD Thompson's libertarian conservatism is attractive but other than that zilch.



Your attempts at feigning above average intelligence don't work very well. Remember you're the guy who believes God impregnates human virgins, and you're trolling on the University of Chicago law blog.

"That said, I really wish he was a conservative. I would prefer Americas first black president to have a lasting positive legacy."

What, like George Bush?

With all due respect, I'd be surprised if you went to college at this point. Did you?



I'll take the U of C Theology dept.'s definition and use of "faith" over some barley educated Canadian's who believes the Bible to be true any day.

Kimball Corson

"That said, I really wish he was a conservative. I would prefer Americas first black president to have a lasting positive legacy." Not like FDR's, does Zion mean?

Perhaps we should all start praying to the ethers:

Martin Feldstein, a top economist at Harvard and President of the National Bureau of Economic Research, says the odds now favor a US recession. It can only be avoided, he argues, by quick and aggressive fiscal and monetary policy, but that is not likely to happen with the Fed and this Government (read Bush, who has just conceded that the economy does have some problems along with its great strengths).

And Zion wants a conservative for our next president, i.e., someone who is slow to embrace change. Good luck to us all; we are going to need it.


LAK attacking my intelligence and education ? At the risk of playing on the defensive I'll bite, cause at least you argue at a high school level. Something I am obviously capable of handling. I don't feign intelligence sir, my vocabulary is just large enough that I can engage in dialogue without overusing tired phrases. I'm sorry you think the word "thusly" is an example of attempting to look intelligent, I just thought it was a word that fit the flow of my ramblings. take any definition of any word you want, its your life, and you can be as wrong as you want to. I am going to admit though that my only degree is in radio broadcasting and as such is far from prestigious, but I have to admit to a certain distain towards pretentious university types who think they know a lot without having lived in the real world. Practical experience is the hallmark of wisdom, intelligence alone is nothing without the ability to apply it aptly.

Now as to GW being a conservative, he claims the label, I must admit. Though his actions and policies don't exemplify conservative ideology. Friedrick Hayek would turn over in his grave over GW's wolf in conservative's clothing. the greatest economist of the 20th century who helped steer your country through decades was a conservative, and it wasn't conservatives who fought against slavery and segregation it was democrats (though certainly not liberals either). thanks for the personal attacks LAK, I'd trade them with you, but I have more class than that.

Kimball the so called conservatives vying for control of the repulican party are far from the type of conservative I would want to see running your country. I would prefer Thomas Sowell, Condi Rice, or maybe even Herman Cain as a republican runner with actual conservative values that would help move your country along. The current field is a guarantee that the republicans will not win this year. As such I hope the dem who wins can do a good job, but the current field doesn't give me any high hopes. you are going to need some luck, that much is certain.

Kimball Corson

Me thinks we are going in circles, LAK, with the ether breathers. They believe god exists, he said what he did and that is that. Compartmental door closed.


Mr. Stone,

I noted your birth date. I noted when you graduated from college. I recalled that I left college voluntarily to go to the late RVN (and shame on the Congress for what they did) as my country was at war. Some things are very complex, some things are pig simple. You, Sir, may be many things, but you were not a warrior in your youth.

I've no idea if this is true in your case, but very many Liberals (aka [now] Progressives [truth in advertizing..not] protect their egos by denying that they made a mistake.

Sir, You will - if you seriously look around - finally see that socialism, Liberalism, and PC arguments (not to mention all the awful legislation and regulation) have stolen much of what was good in our country. Bad things, most assuredly, needed to be fixed. They were not. They were certainly changed, but not fixed.

I lament what has occured in my country. I wonder why Liberals cannot see it. Blinded by some rage?

I remain,

Semper Fidelis,

LtCol William Curtis USMC (Ret)


On Dec 5 the Supreme Court will either allow or disallow the usurpation of both the Constitution and the Government of the United States — easily the most pivotal decision since our nation’s founding — and the silence of the news media is deafening (if not downright scary).


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