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April 02, 2008


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Environmental law is very powerful stuff, in my opinion. The environment shapes the laws of day to day interactions in the streets or hills or plains or wherever they may be. Laws of the area or local territory may differ from the laws of the government, however if one doesn't pay respect to the locals law, they might be brutalized or murdered in a very extreme situation. What is a person in this case who has no ties or faith in government law to do to right being part of an illegal situation, quite possibly many times over.

I think that the Courtwould do well to educate itself with what the consequenses would be for people if they broke a severe law of their place of living.(In the Streets)where the good lord of the land is absent from protecting them and their families. I know many stories of such instances from where I grew up in North MO.

Rough country for a young man to be on adventerous terms. It might kill you in deed.


It is said we face less to lose through climate change law. Winters are cold and long when the wind is forward in your face. Head tipped down to glance from eyes, it knows you not by race. Father said keep tracking on to get to the door of matress spring. If you are not of the likes, this doesn't mean a thing. Don't look up till light has crest. Remember son you are the best of the best.

Joan A. Conway

I enjoyed the prose.
Thanks for sharing it.

Avid listner

I enjoyed the podcast and feel that it is advancing the thought on climate change beyond the first generation rhetoric.

I have a huge technical gripe with the recording: the microphone is set in a location that is distant from the speaker but picks up every cough and rustle very well. It also records white noise - a constant hum. This makes it very difficult to concentrate on the speaker because words are frequently drowned out by coughs.

Is it possible to advance the microphone closer to the speaker? I understand that it may be more intimidating to the speaker, but perhaps a balance can be reached.

I appreciate the thought and the work it takes to put the podcast up. Its just the uninformative coughs that make me angry.

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