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August 26, 2008


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Martha seems to forget option #3 to go along with Option #1, theocracy and religious authoritarianism, and Option #2 religious pluralism and tolerance(or respect for each individual's "conscience"), which is a society based on reason and which rejects 6000, 2000 and 1500 year old cults and the ghost stories that go along with them. For a woman who believes in universal truth and the power of reason to free us from political and spiritual opression, it still totally baffles me that she clings to her adopted 6000 year old cult teachings.

Whil puralism and respect for religious diversity is certainly a step in the right direction from theocarcy and rule by a single irrational religious authority, it pales in comparison to a world in which people are educated enough to reject any religious institutions that harbor beliefs contrary to scientific truth and the exercise of reason. There is planty of room for freedom of consicince left in that world, and spiritual beliefs. There is not room for religious institution that posit virgin births or messiahs or the notion that eating Oysters or Bacon is somehow a bad thing.

It totally baffles me how a woman as rational and insightful as Nussbaum can subscribe to a particular irrational religious doctrine. Next year in Israel, indeed. I wonder how her love of William's deals with that. I suppose it could be her version of "Reform" Judaism is so watered-down that it has essentially gotten rid of anything that even remotely connects it to what Judaism was and is supposed to be, including the underlying zionism and messianic message, not to mention the rabid sexism that is at the core of true Jewish belief.

What use are 6000 year old cults if you can just pick and choose which aspects of the institutions you run with? I don't get the point.

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