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August 03, 2008


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there's got to be more to his quitting than this. All of us who blog go through these times when we dont know whose lives we're really touching for the good... and you know, 'lone voice in the desert and all,' ... but we get through those phases

That as bloggers, we're all constantly misconstrued by others who dont read carefully or.. dont want to, or have an axe to grind, or confuse or conflate us with X, Y or Z corporation or political party, or whatever gatepostl: well that's the lay of this land. Always has been.

I'm sorry the fellow decided to quit, and I'd have to say I find agreement with some of what he's written, but a good deal of it is not fact, rather opinion. Which is fine.

There are many good people working on copyright issues for our time, and for the future. I liked the example you gave of appropriating lyrics as 'fair use' (debatable) and then throwing a copyright on it in its 'derivation' (debateable) and then misquoting a line .... perhaps taking the site into the abusrd range of possible parody (defensible.)

Maybe you're on to something... the ticket is to munch and mangle the material and claim it as parody.

ON the other hand, although a print author and a blogger, I am more concerned about copyright and trade grabs on medicinal drugs, about how corporations keep 'new' materials or 'old' formulas out of others hands once the copyright has 'expired' ....only to be renewed by varying one item or more... and thereby keeping the profit center to one company, and most egregiously, despite 'drug welfare programs, forcing gravely ill people go without because they cannot afford the price of the meds.

Nice blog by the way, appreciate my co-blogger at TMV routing me here with a shout out on this piece of yours today

Dr. E

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