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September 02, 2008


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Michael F. Martin

"So long as unbundling is coupled with exclusive authority within a jurisdiction, the unbundled executive is more accountable than the single executive, not less."

Hmm... then shouldn't a "unitary executive" be more accountable than one that shares authority to decide constitutional questions with the legislative and judicial branches? I'm with Hamilton on this one. It's fine to write out on paper who gets what authority. Actual problems, people, and institutions do not fit into need little boxes.

Brandon Cavanaugh

Aside from the obvious counter of overlapping jurisdictions (for instance energy policy and the economy are instrinsically tied right now, and actually the economy is tied to everything) presidents are usually elected because of their ideologies that sweep over a number of issues. Further, the cabinet is supposed to take care of the need to elect an economy leader, a war leader etc. If our presidents were just responsible enough to appoint their cabinet based on experts and not nepotism it could eliminate this need.

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