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January 21, 2009


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An excellent set of suggestions which is difficult to quibble with except maybe peripherally on implementation. The core goals and sentiments are laudable and long overdue. Now all we need to do is have the government get control over W´s and Cheney office e-mails.

Edward E. (Ted) Vaill

Geoffrey - I worked for the Obama campaign for the eighteen months prior to the election, and was greatly pleased at his election. As a former Constitutional Law professor at Chicago, at the appropriate time he might be interested in proposing some amendments to the U.S. Constitution which might modernize it and eliminate some of the defects in the Constitution highlighted by the excesses of the Bush Administration.

Examples are:
1. Clarifying the President's powers to declare war without the consent of Congress;
2. Getting rid of the electoral college to allow a direct election of the President by national popular vote;
3. Establishing a national holiday for Presidential elections, and perhaps requiring every eligible citizen to vote or pay a fine, as is done in Belgium and other countries;
4. Clarifying the "right to bear arms clause" in light of the Supreme Court's recent decision;
5. Allowing non-natural born citizens to become President; and
6. Addressing church-state issues such as school prayer.

A consulting group could be established consisting of Constitutional Law scholars such as yourself, political figures who could opine on the political feasibility of getting these proposed amendments enacted, and a strategy for doing so, and other experts in each area where change is sought. Other proposed amendments could be addressed as well, and some of these items might become law through legislation and not Constitutional Amendment.

Some of these changes could be set up to take effect after President Obama's term in office ends, to eliminate the criticism that it is being done for his political advantage.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this proposal.

Edward E. (Ted) Vaill
J.D. 1965

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