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February 10, 2009


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Michael F. Martin

Is there any indication that team sports were more important than individual sports to the correlation?

Daniel Dorris

Stevenson didn't include any data on individual sports. I suspect the reason is that the method she used wouldn't allow this. Her regression was based on the boys' participation rates in states. If you use girls' participation rates (like for the participation in individual sports), you lose the causal connection between sports and outcome. The girls' participation rates could be caused by other factors specific to each state.

I think she did mention in her talk that she believed the difference between individual/team sports is blurred at the high school level. Even in individual sports, there is some focus in performing well as a team/school. But that seems to be a far cry from learning to work together to win. Maybe there are other studies out there that show a difference between individual/team sports. However, those would probably have a selection bias too--Do people who work better in groups choose to play team sports?

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