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February 04, 2009


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Thankfully the military has not put women into combat rules, and to the extent it has it has hurt combat effectiveness. Since pretty much no one in the academic community really knows anyone in the military, this kind of nonsesne is peddled as if it were so. It's not.

P.S. Men and women are not equal in a million different ways, just watch the Olympics, and no sane or stable society would treat them the same. But this debate is boring because the obvious must constantly be proved with evidence.


Not to throw a furball into the communal soup here, but I do not believe for a New York minute that " . . . women are outperforming men at all educational levels." They remain seriously behind in physics, mathematics and economics at the higher levels, just to name those areas with which I am familiar.

To be sure they have made progress and do "bomb" with the boys, but barriers to entry, to advancement and to equal compensation remain. What has waned substantially is the strident feminist rhetoric which women themselves came to realize did not materially aid their causes.

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