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May 04, 2009


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Living In Fear at a Catholic University

This is a very important contribution. None of the anti-gay contributors to this symposium gives any substantive reason for why they want to "protect the churches" from LGB people. That's because there aren't any. Gay parents are not worse than straight ones, and gay behavior in general is no worse than straight.

If, say, a Catholic university went out of its way to avoid hiring (and to fire) adulterers, those who look at pornography, etc, along with gay people, then we'd have some indication that its intent was actually based on enforcing the Church's sexual ethics. Instead, they focus merely on gay people, a contaminated class they can easily identify and stigmatize.

We should also not overlook the way in which Opus Dei's alliance with fascist forces in Spain pioneered the current church hierarchy's eagerness to link up to rightwing Republicans in the US. Gay marriage fights are more about cementing a Catholic-Evangelical political alliance than about any genuine concern with fate of souls.

Uzair Kayani

I think it is dangerous, and also wrong, to suggest that this is a confrontation with religion in general or Catholicism in particular. Catholics have been persecuted (and continue to be persecuted) throughout history and around the world. Leaving aside Machiavelli's times, they have usually been martyrs rather than overlords. It would be ironic to paint them as illiberal when they have built much of what is now called the "liberal tradition."

Also, as far as I can tell, secular people are just as homophobic as religious people. The difference is not their attitudes but their grounds.

This business is becoming more heated than I expected; i think it is counterproductive to denounce a faith.

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