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October 22, 2009


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Since women are better at things like raising children and have a natural disposition to do so and since female entry into the workplace has ruined relations of the sexes, reduced the ability of men to earn a living as the sole provider, and generally channeled a great many women into working who would rather not, I don't see why we not only would not want to "recreate" certain stereotypes but instead promote a social policy based on family traditionalism that allows men to be paid more than women and single men when they are the heads of household, does not do too much to allow less economically productive women work when their most socially productive activity is raising their own children, and generally keeps all but the most talented women out of the workplace, because the social costs of women working outside the home are high divorce, lower rates of childbirth, and constant friction and competition between men and women rendered competitors rather than helpmetes in this highly unusual late capitalist social structure we've found for ourselves.

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