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Jim Melcher

Note: This is copy 1-24.
I found this book--there was a copy of the Nussbaum book there I would have taken as well but I had a very full suitcase!--at the Holiday Inn Corona in New York City, in Queens near Shea Stadium. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago but hadn't written it up until now. The idea of circulating books this way is an excellent one; it's extremely similar to Bookcrossing, in which I have been involved for five years (see You have lots of good legal minds there at the U of C, so I am sure you've been careful about copyright infringement. :-)

I was pleased to find this particular book because I am the new pre-law adviser at the University of Maine-Farmington. I sometimes disagree with Mr. Posner but find him to be a lucid writer--in fact, I assigned his book "Not a Suicide Pact" in my Civil Liberties class at UMF this spring. I have a huge stack of books to be read, but I look forward to the chance to take a shot at this one.
I hope you keep your program going!
Jim Melcher
Associate Professor, Political Science
University of Maine-Farmington

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